Each of the online shoppers wonders what are the warranties that, having paid for the purchase, they will not run into frauds. After all, this, unfortunately, is not uncommon thing today. We thought this through. Buying with us is simple and safe, because:

by clicking on the link of any presented brand, you go to the manufacturer’s website, see the email address, you can contact the manufacturer directly and clarify information about purchases made on our marketplace.

the “safe to buy on elfurs.com” logo, which is available on our website, can also be found on our partner websites. This means that they are on safe sources.

you pay directly to the account of the manufacturer you selected. We are not related to these funds. Settlement takes place directly and not through intermediaries.

if you have chosen branded types of fur, such as BLACKGLAMA or BlackNAFA, then you will receive a product with all the confirming labels and documents.

we are official partners of the Greek Fur Association.

we are in touch with you throughout the process of making your order. We help you make a choice directly from the manufacturer, determine the style, size, colour, length, take into account all the subtleties and nuances. We are at your service and are close at all stages: product selection, placing an order, manufacturing quality control, delivery to your doors.

It is very important for us that you are satisfied with the made purchase. That is why we always advise each buyer personally during the order process, and each product undergoes strict quality control before being sent to the buyer. Many years of experience in this area allows us to do this confidently and professionally. As for pricing, we avoid a long chain of intermediaries. Buying from us, you buy directly from the manufacturer. We greatly value the reputation of our marketplace and make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied.

Kind regards, Elfurs.com

Products on the website are actual collections directly from the manufacturer.
A virtual fitting room will determine whether the model matches your parameters.
All prices indicated on the website are prices provided by manufacturers.