Low cost visitor systems - complete packages for just £799.

visitor entry system for schools

Classic sign-in books are no longer allowed under GDPR rules. It is not compliant to let your visitors see who else has been in school that day.

visitor entry system for schools

Many commercial systems are too expensive for school budgets. Large firms with fleets of salespeople have huge overheads which are passed onto customers.

visitor entry system for schools

Old fashioned sign-in slips don't feature photos. This is a potential security issue in a climate of ever tightening controls.

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Bespoke systems - tailored to YOUR school

Customisation options are available to fit your needs.

Your school branding included as standard.

Tell us what your reception area is like. We'll find a way to optimise your space and streamline the signing in process.

All requirements are considered. Don't see a feature that you need? Just speak to us and we can create something especially for you.

Signing in is part of the visitor experience. It needs to be right. We'll work with you to make it right.

school visitor system custom branding

Made for Schools

  • Teachers enjoying free time
  • Teachers making intervention sessions
  • Teachers aiding pupil learning
  • Teachers workload reduced