Products on the website are actual collections directly from the manufacturer.
A virtual fitting room will determine whether the model matches your parameters.
All prices indicated on the website are prices provided by manufacturers.

All products placed on our marketplace are unique! Together with you, we try to choose a model and based on it to create a product that suits you. Therefore, the order and selection method are somewhat different from the standard ones.

Step 1. Select a model/models from the catalogue. For convenience, use the filtering system to easily find the desired style, length, size, type of collar, etc.

Carefully read the product card. Not all models can be sewn in any size. This is due to the fact that the raw materials for the production of fur coats, namely furs, initially have certain sizes. Individual models and styles may have features regarding the type of figure, height. If necessary, use the virtual fitting room.

Step 2. Add your favorite products to cart.

Step 3. Register on, enter your contact information (last name, first name, address), dimensions, data for feedback (WhatsApp, Viber, e-mail).

Step 4. Contact us in any of the following ways so that our consultants will help you to determine the model, colour, type of fur, length of the product, sleeve length, type of collar or hood, etc.

Step 5. Our consultants discuss the details and terms of order execution, the final cost with the manufacturer. If significant changes have been made to the product, the price may differ from the price in the catalogue, both up and down. We will contact you to finalize the order. All data about the order: product parameters, price, time of execution, delivery time will be shown in your personal account.

Step 6. In order for the product to go into operation, you transfer 50 % of the order amount to the manufacturer’s account.

Step 7. After manufacturing, we carefully monitor the quality of execution and compliance.

Step 8. Delivery of the order is made only after full payment. Upon receipt of funds, you will receive a notification that the product is ready for shipment. Delivery is carried out at the address that you indicated at registration.

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